Casanova Frankenstein (monkey_pie) wrote,
Casanova Frankenstein

An Isaac/Daniel Sharman picspam

I am stupid into Teen Wolf. It is equally great and terrible and I don't care. But omg, there needs to be more Isaac fic because I have a LOT of Isaac feels. And Daniel Sharman is hot. Have a little picspam and bask in the glory. This is fully intended as enticement for [ profile] tuesdaysgone and anyone else so inspired to write some Isaac fic. I don't even care who you pair him with, it could even be gen. Just, Isaac <3

Daniel Sharman is ridiculously beautiful

Those eyes, cheekbones, lips. All of it. Ugh.

Hello, hottie.


I am not sure how he is real.

That's right bb, pucker up. Also, those curls.

The only things I might say about this picture are very dirty.

My wife is the best since she sent this picture to me.

Look at that smile. But it get's better...

He's crying! Then smiling! Because he took away a puppy's pain with his magical werewolf-powers.

A single, unshed tear. (I'm not a terrible person, I just really like h/c?)

Sometimes he's a bit of a bad boy.

Idk why this is mesmerizing to me.

Oh bb, Isaac needs ALL the hugs.

Everyone should love Isaac. How can you not?

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