Casanova Frankenstein (monkey_pie) wrote,
Casanova Frankenstein

Happy Mother's Day

I had a pretty excellent Mother's Day today! I had to work, but I had a really good morning at work and there was cake. And then I got to go home early - HOORAY. The awesome [personal profile] jrho came over and watched E while B and I had a date, because that is a nice way to reward ourselves for all that mothering we do. So we saw Iron Man 3 and it was pretty great except for the part where the movie cut out and people resorted to making shadow puppets until the projector got up and running again. They didn't even start it back where it cut off, which means we missed a little bit of the movie, which was lame, but we survived.

Our son made special Mother's Day books for us at school, which included "Things My Mom is Good At." My list includes: cuddling, sleeping, cooking, driving and reading. B is apparently good at: downloading (she is in charge of getting him all his Minecraft mods and whatnot), playing video games with him, sleeping, driving and making toast. These are pretty accurate lists, except that B is a crap driver. With skill sets like these don't you wish we were your moms?
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