Casanova Frankenstein (monkey_pie) wrote,
Casanova Frankenstein

well, that was a day

I have had feelings leaking out of me all day today. I wish I could blame it on hormones, but it was just that kind of day.

Unpleasant: lots of parenting issues which lead to me being whiny on twitter and then kind of crying at E's Back to School Night. As you do. If you are ridiculous. There are just times when it is really hard for me to tell how much things are a case of my son making bad choices/misbehaving/etc vs. round peg/square hole syndrome.

Pleasant: I took myself to see This Is Us - excellent distraction and gave me a surprising number of feels! I had the theater to myself. I might have sang out loud. No one will ever know. I would very much like to see it with other fangirls - I really loved how they talked about their fans. And also their stupid faces. And their parents! I may have also almost cried when Liam's dad was talking. Idk. I did not anticipate these 1D feelings, but I probably should have. Much like MCR, they strike me as performers who sometimes need to hug.

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