Casanova Frankenstein (monkey_pie) wrote,
Casanova Frankenstein

Safe and sound and only mildly traumatized

I already tweeted about this, but I was in a pretty bad car accident on Christmas Eve and am still feeling remarkably lucky to have walked away unhurt (minus the massive bruise on my butt). I was driving home from work, it was rainy and the roads were slick. I was on the highway and a big SUV to my left tried to merge into my lane on top of me and I honked and braked and swerved and skidded. I lost control of my car, spun 180 degrees and smashed into the concrete median. It was terrifying and I pretty much thought I was going to die. Somehow I found myself in the shoulder, flush against the median, facing the oncoming traffic. I did not hit any other cars, no cars hit me and the back end of my car took the brunt of the collision.

Following that was a lot of hysterical crying on the phone with 911, state troopers came and arranged a tow. B picked me up at the body shop where we left the car, then we drove up to Philly to my folk's house. E was already there for the holidays. We had a pretty good Christmas with the family. E had a great time and got lots of fun stuff. Among other gifts, B made me an MCR badge reel for work and is writing me an iCarly finale coda fic (because I am a dork).

That being said, I think we're doing Christmas at our house next year, just us and any friends who aren't going out of town. The traveling is stressful, esp when neither of us have much time off around the holidays. My parents have the whole extended family over and my mom goes nuts getting the house ready and no one can just relax and play with our new toys and watch movies and nap and enjoy the holiday the way we'd like. Plus, I think B is still having issues with my mom and the way she feels like my brother's wife has been more welcomed into the family than she was. Which, after having a conversation with each of them, I am so not getting in to again.

So, that's the plan for next year. Christmas at home. Opening presents in our living room under our own tree. Big breakfast, play with our new gifts and not worry about cleaning or setting up for a big party. No hurrying home after festivities, with a long drive before having to work the next day. You can all come too if you want to come sit in your PJs with us.

Today E and I enjoyed a snow day this morning, had a snowball fight and drank cocoa. Then his neighbor friend came over to play with all the new toys while I got snippy on the phone with the insurance company. Who is still sorting out my coverage details before they will arrange for my rental car. And while I am too nervous to drive today in the snow and sleet, I REALLY need that taken care of before I go to work on Friday. Grr. I am already so upset about having to pay my deductible with money we don't have. BUT I AM ALIVE. And that is incredible and I don't really throw around the word miracle, but I do feel pretty lucky.
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